We are a bunch of nerdy entrepreneurs that like to be around like-minded people… So we’re getting everyone together!


Providing our community with the ideal environment for learning and development through shared experiences, and meaningful networking opportunities.
Because we know that working alongside one another helps our members solve problems, share challenges, collaborate and grow.Following the same methodology, we offer teams the opportunity to join ‘Born’.

A 12 week innovation program built to help you shape your product and company from its initial stages all the way to through. Taking your vision from an idea to a concept that will flourish to a product and a successful company.

The born program focuses on empowering teams with critical thinking methodologies, communication skills and collaborative work ethics that will drive the company to excel and maximize its impact.



To help companies and entrepreneurs develop their vision into a successful company while forming meaningful connections. By providing educational, mentorship and professional services needed to drive enttrepenurs forward both professionally and personally.

We support companies in product and business development and we help them secure funding to facilitate their growth.



Strengthen our network and position as a leading hub for innovation where Digital Nomads, entrepreneurs, investors and business professionals come together to identify the right business models, audiences, investment and growth opportunities.

Grown Members

Once you become a Grown members, your company will receive business development and fund raising support.

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Born Members

Once you become a Born members, your company will receive access to develop your product and offer its to our network.

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We help you thrive
We understand the correlation between happiness and productivity. That’s why we’ve created GROWN, our easy-to-use online platform complete with the tools you need to stay flexible, feel free, and embrace the nomadic lifestyle without compromising on productivity.